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The Pianoforte Chronology is a long way to go back in the time. Contemporary piano ancestors history is well documented from XV to the beginnig of XX century.

Tensed arc, the lyra, are at the beginning of piano timeline .

Pythagora is the first ancient philosopher who notes that stopping the string at different lengths and thickness it could emit other notes in well defined small numbers proportions. Adding more strings to the arc and a rudimentary lyra may appear; the Psaltery:


The psaltery can be considered a rudimentary Lyra, it is mentioned in the Psalms in the Holy Bible.

In near 1035 Guido D'Arezzo theorized the exachordal chromatic system from which emerged the Sancte-Johannes seven notes scheme and pentagram we use today.

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There are a lot of websites through the internet where we can learn about piano evolution:
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