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July 22, 2007

gesture does matter?

The point of view of the artist: what the musician think of his own piano

"I play legato, staccato, etc... my instrument can produce and evoque aesthetics musical concepts"

The existence of a complex extremely developed technique between pianists, without distinctions of musical genres, seems to contradict the assertion of the scientist who believes that all that is implied in the piano sound input is the selection of two parameters for every played note, i.e. time of motion and speed of the hammer while strikes the string.

Bethooven colleagues: Mr. scientist, you sob listening my pathetique sympho, are just strikes the cause?

One would have to be astonished however because of the many ways there exist to hit the key and, especially, because some techniques are recommend for their effectiveness in producing some very desired colors of tonality during the development of the abilities necessary in order to learn to play at conservatory: legato, staccato, etc. Some genuine questions arise immediately, a great part of these abilities is put without doubt in relation with the selection of the two mentioned parameters, how?

Although it is not evident how that happens is undeniable that piano in any case awards its customers with sounds that differ in the tonality color by applying and putting in work these techniques; so can these techniques (at least in principle) be explained and described under physical laws basis? if so, how can be established cannonical principles?


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